Our DIY contemporary Laundry Room show with Semi made by hand

Our DIY contemporary Laundry Room show with Semi made by hand

Renovating a home your self can often feel just like jumping down a cliff rather than knowing if there’s going to be water here to split your autumn. It’s exhilarating and challenging…and you don’t quite understand how it’s planning to come out. I could design an area throughout the day, but framing walls and plumbing that is moving another matter! Needless to say we did just that – and also for the time that is first! – within our current laundry space renovation.

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While my times are invested creating for customers, my weekends and nights are invested with my hubby (and kiddos!) on our 1972 fixer upper (start to see the full BEFORE trip). Whenever we bought our home this room ended up being unfinished and housed the washing, a store sink, furnace, and hot water heater. There aren’t any windows (SIGH) and so the space was big hole that is black of:

A floor ended up being a vinyl-like tile, the roof and walls had been completely available, and there is one depressing bulb having a pull switch that lit the space that is whole. Look at sequence dangling at the very top right?

My objectives had been to:

  • Enclose the water furnace and heater(I didn’t would you like to have a look at those dudes any longer),
  • Develop a surface that is folding sink area where we’re able to treat spots,
  • Include storage space, storage space, storage space, and…
  • Create a closet that is separate big things like skis, cold temperatures tires, bikes, etc.

The program would be to pile the washer and dryer from the far wall surface and build it into semi-custom cabinetry with a sink towards the left.

to do that, we had to expand the wall that is oldbehind the washer and dryer, above) and pull the sink ahead a few legs. Continue reading “Our DIY contemporary Laundry Room show with Semi made by hand”