Ruby Matthews is just one of the primary figures in Sex Education.

Ruby Matthews is just one of the primary figures in Sex Education.

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This woman is portrayed by Mimi Keene.

She is introduced when you look at the very first episode of the show whilst the tacit frontrunner associated with “Untouchables”, a gang of all popular pupils.

Through the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode 5 Edit

In Episode 5 “Named & Shamed”, Ruby would go to satisfy Maeve after a photo circulated around school of the vagina that is hairy. She admits that it is hers and implores her help plus the assistance of Otis and discover the one who disseminated the image.

Period 2 Edit

Episode 2.6 Edit

In Episode 2.6 “Gathering”, whenever Eric attempts welcoming visitors to Otis’s “small gathering”, Ruby is initially averse to the invite. But, upon realizing that Rahim would go to, Ruby quickly changes her brain. Throughout the midst associated with the celebration, this woman is seen dancing within the home. A drunken otis approaches and gets straight straight down together with her.

Episode 2.7 Edit

It really is revealed in Episode 2.7 “The Girl-fast Club”, the 2 had consensual intercourse, but whether a contraceptive ended up being utilized is with in question. The early morning following the celebration, Otis attends college and it is in a chemistry class. It really is at the moment he hears Ruby exterior, throwing pebbles during the screen to attract their attention. Outside, Ruby discloses that she actually is actually “96.5” percent certain that a condom ended up being utilized in their intercourse, which departs from her initial “99” per cent certainty. Continue reading “Ruby Matthews is just one of the primary figures in Sex Education.”