College Athletes Should Be Paid

The way the current system is set up, scholarship, allows students access to a free education, tutoring, and many other educational benefits. According to an article in the junior scholastic, Should College Athletes be Paid? When the other 98% of these college students graduate, they will go into the workforce, needing an education. Providing athletes with bonus cash payments will divert even more funding from academic departments and challenge the primary purpose of attending college, an education. The best argumentative essay conclusions reinterpret your thesis statement based on the evidence and explanations you provided throughout your essay.

should college athletes be paid essay

And finally, do student athletes really know the “deal” when they penned their name on national signing day? What if Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant stayed in school or went to college to play basketball instead of the NBA? The amount of money that would be made from just those three players in college basketball would have ignited the college basketball world. Imagine if he went to college, how entertaining it would’ve been to watch. We how to write a rhetorical essay should pay these athletes because simply, they need to be educated, they are getting used for their skills, and it is drawing athletes away from colleges, and straight to the pros. From a student’s point of view, paying college athletes will alter their college experience. No longer would fit, college, university reputation, and values factor into their college decisions—rather, choices would be made simply based on who was offering the most money.

The Effects Of Exercise On Hydration Status Of College Athletes

Athletes during the early and mid-1900’s were routinely recruited and paid to play; and there were several instances where individuals representing the schools were not enrolled as students. For example, there is one report of a Midwestern university using seven members of its team that included the town blacksmith, a lawyer, a livery man, and four railroad employees . Other athletes at colleges were given high paying jobs for which they did little or no work. In 1948, the NCAA adopted a “Sanity Code” that limited financial aid for athletes to tuition and fees, and required that aid otherwise be given based on need . In the early 1950’s, with the threat of several southern schools bolting from the NCAA, the code was revised to allow athletic scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and a living stipend. The colleges could also try innovative solutions such as performance bonuses to further inspire athletes to work harder. The college athletes also deserve compensation because they are always at the risk of serious injuries that could jeopardize their prospects in the professional league or even a non-sport career after college.

Many coaches, and professionals believe college athletes are not considered amateurs at the Division 1 level, and should not be treated like they are. The one way to do that is to give them what every college student needs which is money. These athletes should not be treated differently from the employees of a for-profit corporation who get attractive salaries and may also be entitled to a share in the organization’s profits. The top ten colleges with the highest sports revenue in 2014 generated an average revenue of $144.8 million while only spending an average of $12.4 million on scholarships . This is a clear evidence the colleges with strong sports program are not fairly compensating their student athletes.

Money Makin College Athletes

Another reason for college athletes to be paid is because they put in countless hours of hard work to make their schools athletic team successful. Many believe that the NCAA is breaking the United States antitrust law. With athletes committing countless hours of work, they are falling back in school, and not working towards the degree they are supposedly at that college for. Being an athlete is not much different from having a full time job and this applies to college athletes as well. The college athletes are expected to wake up early in the morning even if they may not have classes or classes in the morning, attend practice sessions , and travel to other places to play away games. These are the tasks performed by the athletes in the professional sports leagues as well, and the athletes in the professional sports leagues are paid millions for their services. Similarly, the college athletes are also bound by the sponsorship contracts the college may have with corporations such as Nike.

  • One consequence of passing a law relating to student-athletes receiving money may be possibly corrupting the NCAA system.
  • Various state governments and the federal government should come together and make policies that will enable the enactment of a law that will lead to the payment of the college athletes.
  • Whether college athletes should be paid is, in fact, a matter of intense debate between students, college administrations, and even private companies.
  • That’s like referring to Atilla the Hun’s cavalry as weekend warriors.” According to Rusell, these companies are not as transparent as they are fond of exploiting unpaid athletes.
  • Sports programs can imply that student-athletes should treat their sport like a full-time job as well.

Many student athletes spend as much time practicing and competing as people do working. Some feel Athletes are already paid through scholarships and should be going to college primarily for an education. However, the athletes writing an analytical essay are there to get an education as well as participate in the sport they love. College athletes should be paid to allow them to cover their expenses not covered by scholarships so they can complete their education.

College Athletes Should Not Be Paid To Play Sports Informative Essay Sample

When no offer came, he played at California State University-Los Angeles for a year and a half. When again no offer came and his eligibility expired, he failed out of school within months with no degree, no offers to play pro ball, and no skills to use for employment. Similarly, Former NFL player Dexter Manley testified before a Senate Committee that he played four years at Oklahoma State University, only to leave the school illiterate. And the sad feature is that academic detachment from the university athletic department perspective doesn’t seem to be an issue because there are always more impoverished kids waiting to come in and play. Take, for example, the recent stories regarding players like Reggie Bush, Cam Newton, or the players at Ohio State who received money and/or other benefits as a result of playing football.

The NCAA warned that because California schools might have an unfair recruiting advantage over schools in other states, institutions would be banned from championship competition. That’s why some colleges, such as the University of Southern California and Stanford University, opposed the bill. Ashley Sufflé Robinson has a Ph.D. in 19th Century English Literature. As a content writer for PrepScholar, Ashley is passionate about giving college-bound students the in-depth information they need to get into the school of their dreams. Remind readers that credible evidence supports your stance on the topic.

should college athletes be paid essay

Athletes, spend on average, 43+ hours training or playing their sport. Athletes do not have time for a job but some are expected to be able to pay for food or expenses they might have such as, uniform fees, ways to end an essay equipment fees, and all others that may apply. Because student athletes are the ones who generate all this revenue, people in favor of paying college athletes argue they deserve to receive some of it back.

Do College Athletes Deserve Pay

College sports would be non-existent without the devoted athletes who work hard and spend countless hours each and every day. Future research should turn its attention to the various inequities within college sports and look at the long-term economic outcomes of these athletes. While college athletes aren’t paid right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a paycheck is the best solution to the problem. To avoid the possibility of making the college athletics system even worse, people must consider the ramifications of paying college students and ensure that paying athletes doesn’t create more harm than good. But did you know that sports college athletes invest about 40 hours a week in their training sessions as well as games and performances?

should college athletes be paid essay

A 2014 CNBC article estimated that Andrew Wiggins, a University of Kansas forward (and soon-to-be first-overall draft pick), had a fair market value of around $1.6 million. As mentioned before, college athletes can put in upward of 40 hours a week practicing, training, and competing—being a “student-athlete” is a challenge when you’re devoting full-time hours to athletics.

Should College Athletes Be Paid: Next Steps

They’re the ones who are going to be the face of athletic programs, who lead their teams to playoffs and conference victories, and who are approached for endorsement opportunities. It’s a central argument of an essay that the author should support throughout the text to prove their point of view or offer an effective solution to the problem. You can get a paid essay sample by using our exclusive discount below or use our free paper sample to get a better idea. Before reading it, spend a couple of minutes studying the examples of possible thesis statements below. There are many types of essays you can write on college student-athletes. The topic is hot, so it is a perfect material to highlight in your papers if a teacher or professor does not assign a specific idea to report on or a research question to explore and answer. Persuasive — prove that college athletic teams will perform better if they are getting paid.

A 2017 NCAA survey revealed that Division I athletes dedicate an average of 35 hours per week to their sport during the season. College sports, particularly football, are a big deal and a big business. The Department of Education reported that college should college athletes be paid essay athletic programs collected $14 billion in total revenue in 2019, up from $4 billion in 2003. And that doesn’t include income from broadcasting rights and corporate sponsorships. College sports is one of the best-known entertainments around the world.

In your essay, to explain the whole idea behind paying student-athletes as an extra to scholarships, operate with facts and statistics. In any debate, including those linked to the college sports industry, the parties should at least present credible and up-to-date evidence to prove their points of view. That doesn’t include dedicated research conducted by the writer, which is also preferable.

Money can be spent and quickly forgotten, but an education lasts for a lifetime. The question of whether or not college athletes should be paid for participating in college sports programs is long standing and controversial.

Even if athletics generate billions of money in revenue for colleges, there also is much money in expenses, which directly or indirectly help the college athletes. Also, Pell Grants are available to t needy, and general student loans are another option. As one begins to consider incorporating revenue for college players, the same important questions arise. Athletes would obviously want to play for a college who gives out the largest salary, making it difficult for smaller schools to recruit athletes and easier for bigger schools. This would put colleges in competition to see who can have the higher salary. College would quickly transform from a place where you go to get a better education, to more of a competitive business like environment between other schools.

Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany reports league athletic directors and university officials have seriously discussed using some of their growing TV revenue to pay athletes more. This proposal which would give athletes a $2,000-$5,000 per year living stipend also has the support of current NCAA president Mark Emmert . While the points for maintaining the status quo were stated previously, there should college athletes be paid essay has been sufficient evidence presented in this section to stimulate discussion of paying players. The “play for a diploma” agreement is not happening in many cases, as the athlete failure rate indicates. Another example is national champion Connecticut men’s basketball program losing two scholarships for the upcoming season as a result of a poor Academic Performance Rating from the NCAA .

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