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Razer Cortex will manage and kill processes and apps that are not required while gaming. This process will free up the resources and RAM and hence you will get higher frames per second and the smooth gaming performance.

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If all these tips overwhelm you, you don’t need to worry about them; there’s an Macrium Reflect app for that – you can actually increase your computer speed using CCleaner. You should install antivirus and or anti-malware software. If you ever change your mind about these products, carry out steps 1 and 2, and on the services list, check the programs you would want to use during startup. In the Wipe Free Space drives area, select the drive or drives. and/or unless they are saved in some customized folder that user want clean.

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It provides Software Uninstaller that can detect bloatware and will help you to remove it. It provides the features of automated PC care that will work when the PC becomes idle. Advanced SystemCare will make sure that there will not be any malware while updating software. Driver updating will be safer with Advanced SystemCare as there will be a safe https connection and it also keeps previous driver backup.

  • This will get rid of all the unnecessary files on your computer and help speed it up.
  • Easy Clean walks you through the cleaning process in everyday language, so that non-technical users better understand what files are being cleaned and why.
  • The tools are a bit scattered across different operating system areas and lack some of the extra features found in third-party tools.
  • Windows 10 includes a handful of built-in tune-up utilities that you may want to check out if you don’t want to spend money on third-party software.

iolo has new optimization features for Windows 10 that provide privacy and reduces internet bandwidth demands. A system software that helps you to analyze, configure, and optimize a PC is called PC System Utility Software. According to MarketWatch, its global market was 220 million in 2018 and until 2024 it can reach 390 million.

As such, you can download CCleaner Portable and store it anywhere on a PC or copy it to an external device like a USB stick. This way, you can plug the pen drive into any machine to quickly optimize it with CCleaner, without any installation.

Is it possible for CCleaner to delete some photos from My Pictures? I went to the folder the other day and several of my photos were missing. I can’t figure out what I did to loss them or how to get them back. Although Easy Clean is convenient to use, we suggest exploring Custom Clean mode and playing with the configuration settings. Otherwise, you might end up accidentally erasing the browser history, cookies, and recently typed URLs that you depend on for a smooth browsing experience.

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If you’re interested in buying a software license, you should keep on eye on CCleaner deals. But the most crucial part is that you can use CCleaner Free at no cost, forever. It provides the list of autorun items so that you can easily disable them and speed up your PC. CleanMyPC provides multi Uninstaller that will completely remove the apps along with their leftovers.