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At this point, it has become a cornerstone series of all handheld consoles released by Nintendo. Now keep in mind that this is not a straightaway port of the original PlayStation title.

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There is no way we can create a list of the best beat ’em ups and exclude an X-Men title from the list. For many the X-Men series modernized the beat ’em up genre, and allowed it to come to the modern public. There is no doubt that Jackie Chan is among the best action heroes that this world has ever seen. Although he is primarily an actor, the Jackie Chan Adventures animated series is among his finest work.

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Although the series evolved to be something epic, the original remains my favourite to this day. Afterall, as a kid, the series was the best thing I ever had. It’s only natural that my love for it is still going strong to this very day. Pokémon is a fan favourite series, and one cannot deny that. The series has been around since the original Gameboy was released.

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The last game in the beat Nintendo Famicom Disk System ’em up section is going to be the classic from 2005. The Ultimate Spider-Man is the go to game for many hardcore Spider-Man fans. There are several reasons behind that as well, the game delivers a fantastic art style, and a rather addictive combat.

  • Make your own GBA roms using EZ-Flash Linker or download game roms from internet and used EZ-Writer and EZ-Flash Cart to play them on GBA.
  • But my GeForce 4 is bigger than the Gameboy, and has to have its own fan.
  • The GBA has six different graphics modes, and a max resolution of 240 pixels wide, by 160 pixels tall.
  • The GBA is roughly equivalent to the SNES, and perhaps a bit better.

TMNT forever remains a fan favourite GBA game that a lot of people should definitely check out. Double Dragon Advance puts us in the place of Jimmy and Billy once again as they traverse the criminal underground in this classic beat ’em up. I remember playing Double Dragon on my NES, and being in the awe because of the knee attack.

The Fita 06 on GBA ditches the simulation style gameplay in favour of arcade-style football. As soon as I had my hands on the GBA version of Top Spin 2, I knew I was in it for a lot of fun. Top Spin 2 on GBA definitely feels different that the PC version but that is not a bad thing in this case. Do you have what it takes to be a skater who is good enough to rival the legend, Tony Hawk? Prove yourself by learning several skating skills ranging from some intermediate skills to some of the advanced skills.